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Sunday 14 November 2010

Spinning Plates

Thanks for all the kind emails enquiring as to whether we floated away in the rain! This is pretty much what I've been doing since the Fibre Arts Festival concluded- spinning my plates and going 20 different directions to try to catch up...Right before Festival began, a box arrived from Benartex containing some of their new fabrics to be showcased at Fall Quilt Market in Houston.
Inside the box was this gorgeous new Forever Spring collection by Nancy Halvorson. You can see the whole line on the Benartex website. These soft rose, blue/green and gold fabrics are being worked into a new design for Quilter's Connection Magazine. The issue will be on the stands next spring, at the same time these fabrics reach the stores. The sewing is going well, and today I hope to join the blocks and start adding the borders.
The bees have been keeping us busy, getting them ready for overwintering. They were a bit grumpy during all the rain of the past week, but now that sunshine has returned, their dispositions are also much sunnier. Yesterday when we visited they were happy to be out and about.
We took a day this week to visit Saint Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia as youngest son is deciding on a school for next year.
It is a beautiful campus with well-kept buildings. Naturally, my first choice of schools would be Mount Allison - my alma-mater - but the close proximity is a bit of a problem. I do agree that I probably would not have gone there either if I had lived so nearby when I was younger.
We were all very impressed with St. F.X.

The physics and engineering building had stunning Mariner's Compass designs in their inlaid marble floors but I was only able to snap a few pictures as I was holding up the tour group. (Apparently we weren't there to look at the floors :)
I also managed to (finally) get the laundry room painted (a soft, sage green) and a pile of paperwork off my desk. Once the quilt is finished, I will tackle the newsletter and then look forward to getting a couple of new designs out of my head and into fabric. I think my window of warm weather has passed to get the deck stained this season...but it's good to leave something for spring, right?

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