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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Gail's Maritime Beauty

Here are some pictures of Gail's scrappy Maritime Beauty from a spring workshop in Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick. Gail's use of a variegated thread worked very well with the many colours and prints in her centrepiece.
It's really interesting to see how she has chosen to quilt her Maritime Beauty, and her application of binding by machine looks flawless. For me personally, I love the opportunity to stitch the binding to the back by hand. It gives a final few minutes to connect to the piece, hold it in my hand and enjoy the colours and design up close and personal - a treasured haptic moment.
You can see Gail's feathers scrolling around the centre in this photo:
Terrific work Gail, and thanks for sharing. Eventually this picture will be added to the Sew and Tell page of my website. Many from the day in Keswick Ridge have emailed that they've finished their Beauties but Gail's pictures are the first proof. C'mon girls: we want to see them!

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  1. Gail did a great job!! I thought of you yesterday Karen, as one of the headline stories on front page of our newspaper was about the drop in the bee population and how it will affect our blueberry crop- second largest cash crop next to potatoes... not good news...