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Monday, 22 June 2009

Basting Day

I'm sure we are not the only family who revels in word play, but we certainly must be one of the most pun obsessed - all of us, old to young. Our language was butchered unmercilessly all weekend, with puns flying fast and furious, beginning with the ribbon around the new bee swarm and a note proclaiming "Happ-Bee Father's Day" to my DH. Those bees, by the way, were moved into place with the others returning from the blueberry field early yesterday morning (and believe me when I say "early"...) We moved the hives back to their regular home, and will have the fun of doing this all over again when the cranberry blossoms come into bloom in about two weeks' time. A pork BBQ was the highlight of the day and greatly enjoyed by all. DH greatly enjoyed his pork and bees...(groan) After the weekend nonsense of Father's Day, today was a bit of a dénouement... Since my big Grace frame is "occupied" with the silk log cabin quilt, the basting for the tall ships quilt needed to be done on the floor. I'd like to think this is good exercise, but...I dunno. It sure isn't a process I enjoy. got done.

The first bits of quilting - with the walking foot - are complete, although you certainly cannot see the stitching here. I am pleased with the look achieved, as it captures what I was going for - a folkarty/storybook look. Tomorrow comes the free motion fun!


  1. Your quilt is wonderful...I have been watching it and trying to figure out where the green and the lighthouse were going to be. You are one talented lady. I am sure we will get to see this "live" at the Festival?

  2. Hi, Chris: Thanks for the encouragement. With any luck, the quilt will make its debut on Canada Day at the Tourist Bureau in Fort Lawrence.
    Hope this means we will see you at the Fibre Festival workshop in October!

  3. Hi Karen, Just thought you might like to know, Rick Mercer is doing a thing on Honeybees tonight, Tues. June 23, on his show on CBC.. knowing him, it'll no doubt "bee hilarious"...

  4. Yes, I figured it is a repeat show, but thought you might not have seen it first time around...
    Bee happy...

  5. Gorgeous - Love the NS Tartan.
    Can't wait for your next masterpiece.
    Julia in Montreal

  6. What a nice design. I love the surprizing switch of color to the green with the lighthouse. Sweet. Love the tartain in the border and the yellow mariners compas at the top... I love it.