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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Quilty News Bits

There's a new blogger in town! Maritimers familiar with Linda Hubbard's name and lovely work will be pleased to find Linda online here. Be sure to leave a comment if you visit...and tell her Karen sent you! :)

As a special for CQA members, another of the vintage quilts shown in the book Canadian Heritage Quilting has been patterned and is featured in the Spring issue of The Canadian Quilter. My issue arrived Friday and I was so pleased to see the lovely layout editor Marsha Cleveland came up with for the article. The crib sized version was inspired by a Ship of Dreams quilt made by Diane Shink's mother back in the 1930's. I was pleased to be able to find a print very similar to one Mrs. MacLeod had used way-back-when - a soft, creamy white with cornflower blue. I believe the line was called "Threads of Time" by Moda. To emphasize the "dream" aspect in the quilt name, the border was cut in a gentle scallop.

Once the quilt was finished, more creative thought went into finding a suitable setting for the photograph. Luckily, the small lighthouse at the Nova Scotia/New Brunswick border is a perfect spot, with not too many big rocks to climb over to reach the lighthouse. You can just catch a bit of it peeking out at the top of the picture.


  1. Thanks Karen, for mentioning my new blog on your post. I have to get busy and get some more Gallery photos on there... the more eye candy the better!!
    Thanks again

  2. Thanks for the head's up on Linda's blog. I also enjoyed the CQA featured Sip of Dreams. I love the scalloped border.

    Are you still snowed in?

    Spring is supposed to be here in 5 more weeks, I wish.