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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Chaos and Creation...

Paul McCartney coined the phrase so brilliantly (do you recognize it?)...but then again, Paul does everything brilliantly. Not literally in the backyard, but it has been both chaos and creation around here, the former from an ISP connection issue. How cut off one feels when it is no longer possible to write email, upload pictures, forward notes, blog, or fiddle on a webpage! Hubby would say it's always chaos in my workroom, but I don't know how to make things happen otherwise. It always floors me to see perfectly ordered sewing rooms, with fabric stacked neatly and threads tame and untangled. I tell hubby he is the calm in the eye of the storm...and I'm the storm :)
The creation part has been going strong and this week I have the pleasure of working with Michael Miller Fairy Frost and Mirror Ball Dot fabrics. I am just about finished, and then will send this creation off to be featured in the pages of an upcoming issue of McCall's. No sneak peeks, other than at the colourful array of fabrics being used in this project.

As for the backyard...The only chaos and creation there today was caused by a pheasant who came to check out the bird feeders, and didn't really care for a couple of crows who tagged along:

Pheasants certainly can make a lot of noise!

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  1. LOL I know how you feel about chaos. I was once told that I bring order out of chaos by creating more chaos!