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Monday, 16 February 2015

Snow Fun

We got a bit of snow last night.  According to CTV News, Amherst took top spot in the snowfall, with 65 cm down so far!  It's going to be awhile before the car is dug out.

 My sewing room window:
Polly is not a bit impressed with the view from the living room window.  This is the amount of snow on our front walk.  Hubby has suggested it would be easier to move the mailbox than to clear the walk! 


  1. Oh, my. Our snow is still manageable. We would just like it a bit warmer.

  2. Don't go out in that would sink to the bottom, never to be seen again! Our forecast for today is 34 deg and sunny.
    How long does that much snow take to melt?

  3. At first I thought your title was inspired by that line from Home Alone..... 'Sno[w] big deal.... As in ... It' s no big deal. It' s no[w] fun. (Not sure that translates well, but my excuse is that I'm sick.)