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Friday 6 February 2015

Quilting Beauties: X & O

Today I will share another quilt from the book Quilting Beauties. This one is named X & O. It is sewn from a stunning collection from Hoffman called "Asuka", which I showed in an earlier post. This project is the first in the book and the easiest to stitch. The octagonal shape means no bias binding.
I shot it in front of the Dorothy Perkins rose bush which at the moment is completely buried under more than 3 feet of snow.  It's hard to believe these beautiful roses are under there somewhere!
Oddly, I cannot find any close up pictures of the quilting to share, and since the quilt is at Mrs Pugsley's Emporium at the moment,  I don't have it here to take any more. Here's one from early on, where you can see the first round of quilting which I worked in a bit of a spider web pattern.  It was fun to jump from point to point around the circle. The thread is YLI metallic silver, in a large-eyed, size 12 metallic needle.  The batting is one layer of 100% wool.
The photographs printed so clearly in the book that you will have no trouble seeing the final design there.
Of course, Maddie was on hand to help.


  1. Your garden is's hard to believe that it will bloom again before too long! Some of the quilting shows well in the pictures, I like the 'spiderweb' idea - and I love the octagonal shape too. A gorgeous project, Karen!

  2. This was the one that grabbed my attention, in the book. Maddy has excellent taste in quilts.

  3. This was the one that grabbed my attention, in the book. Maddy has excellent taste in quilts.

  4. I have so enjoyed your garden photos since we are all buried, maybe you a little more than me, in the white stuff. All beautiful quilts, Karen.

  5. This is very pretty Karen, and it was a breath of hope for Maritimers, to see your beautiful rose bushes in bloom. Thanks. See you soon I hope.