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Wednesday 11 February 2015

Quilting Beauties: Calliope

This one is all about fun.

It is named Calliope because it makes me think of circus music when I look at the playful blips and dips in the quilt.  It was more fun than a barrel of monkeys as it grew on the design wall.
I chose bright colours randomly for the spikes.  The only constant was that the arc background in each block was kept the same. Pieces were auditioned in several different arrangements before I settled on one I liked.  At this point I decided I really liked that hole and it was going to stay!
It's like a black hole in a galaxy of stars...and one sun.  Here is Calliope laid out for basting.  I used a polyester low loft batting...simply because that's what I had on hand at the time.  This piece was put together very quickly as I wanted it for display at an upcoming workshop on a New York Beauty design.  Calliope turned out to be a bigger hit than the workshop project and hogged all the attention that day!
The directions in the book show how the opening is finished, and also gives tips on how to hang this oddly shaped quilt.  It's easier than you think; it just takes a little ingenuity.

    Each section is quilted differently.
Here's a shot I snitched from Mrs. P's blog, showing Calliope hanging at her shop in preparation for Saturday's signing.


  1. Oh, that's fun! A good use for a great assortment of fabrics, too.

  2. Each and every design from this new book has been spectacular. I love them all. Can't wait to get my very own copy of the book. Great work, Karen.

  3. Of all the NYB's you've done, this one is definitely one of my most favourites... Love it!