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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Quilt 911

Do paramedics respond to quilt emergencies?!
Apparently so, in exceptional circumstances! Imagine answering the door to find a uniformed paramedic handing you an envelope of quilt goodies, all the way from Kanata, Ontario. This is a CD of quilts from the National Juried Show in London, Ontario which my online friend Kate picked up for me at Quilt Canada. She passed it along to her visiting son, who is stationed near here. He was off-duty and heading home when he delivered his precious cargo. As Kate says in her note, "direct from London via Peterborough, Kanata, Ottawa, Halifax and Moncton."
I haven't had a chance to view the DVD yet (which will include my Tempus Fugit) but the card is gorgeous. I love the embossed quilting design on the 8-pointed star block - great inspiration. Thanks so much Kate for this lovely, thoughtful gift and for the memorable way in which it was delivered. I am sure my neighbours are all abuzz!


  1. Any time you need something delivered, babies, DVD's, you can count on the fine staff of the Nova Scotia Paramedic Service.

  2. Haha- too funny! Glad the paramedics were there for a happy delivery- not something serious health-wise!