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Monday, 19 September 2011

We Stole Off To Sackville

The new stole is coming along very slowly. The background grapes are pretty much stitched down, now it's a matter of hand appliqueing some stuffed grapes on top. It's been labour intensive and I needed a break.
Across the Tantramar Marsh, Sackville, N.B. had all kinds of interesting things going on this weekend. In addition to it being Homecoming weekend at my alma mater (Mt A.), the town was hosting a fall festival. Hubby and I chose to attend the opening of the Campbell Carriage House Museum. It was an absolutely delightful presentation, including an original 3 act play outlining the history of the carriage house. It also included a recitation of The Village Blacksmith, written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The museum is beautiful.
I can see a Christmas quilt draped over the red velvet seat on this gorgeous sleigh. Watch for that when I do my next holiday design :)
Ever the entrepreneurs, Campbell's also branched out into making hearses...
...and coffins.
There was an amazing collection of silver and pewter hardware.
This clever display has the traces hitched to a virtual horse.
For me, the most interesting part was watching the blacksmith work, as this was my grandfather's trade. This fellow was very skilled.
Now it's back to stuffing grapes. There's really no time to waste, as this stole is supposed to be worn this coming Sunday!


  1. Beautiful Karen! You'll get it done in time, I have no doubt. Is the Carriage Museum open all year long or just spring through fall?

  2. It is looking good - little by little you will get it finished.

  3. What an interesting museum! I'm sure the stole will be finished in time.