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Friday, 12 August 2011

Out and About

We've done some tripping around this summer -when we could find a fine day to do so!- and will share some snapshots. This is Isle Haute, viewed from the back. That strikes me as a funny thing to say - since when does an island have a back? - but it's all about one's perspective of course. This shot of the back is taken from Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley.
The picture was taken from the lower land mass shown on this Google map, whereas normally here in Cumberland County the island would be viewed from Advocate or Cape Chignecto, the two pointy juts to the top of the island. It has afforded me great amusement every time I think of the phrase "the back of the island." (I guess I don't get out of the sewing room much...)
In Shediac, New Brunswick we found this giant lobster crawling up on the shore. You can see folks were terrorized by this crustacean menace.Dinner at The Green House was lovely.

Another day we did some "antiquing". Guess what we found in this shop?! Two Featherweights! Guess how many were in the shop when we left. TWO! I did not give in to temptation this time...since I already own four. They made me smile when I saw them though, and were certainly the high point of the day for me. I found it interesting that one was placed so it was the first thing you'd see entering the shop, case open, and accessories spread out on display.
One last snapshot, but for this one you will have to use your imagination. I had an email from a childhood friend telling me she was in the Marden's in Presque Isle, Maine, and my Santa's Trip Around The World quilt is on display in their fabric department. That in itself is a nice compliment, but it was very flattering to know that Margaret recognized my design and wrote to tell me. I do appreciate that.
(I wonder how many folks will write to ask where those Featherweights are! :)


  1. OK, I'll bite....where are the Featherweights? I have a Featherweight too, bought at a Sunday market some years ago - couldn't believe my luck when I found it!

  2. And so, I guess I'll never get one. Long trip to get a Featherweight.

  3. Love your blog. We have a Newfoundland dog, who I think would be most at home in your climate there. :) Thanks for sharing.. looks like you had a fun trip!

  4. I am still waiting for the "Featherweight sighting". I know you can buy one on-line but I do dream of stumbling on one in an antique shop. I was very close..I was in Moncton last weekend.