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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Spring Ahead

What a difference a week makes! Seven short days ago hubby and I snowshoed in to visit the beehives. After several mild days of melt and rain, we were forced to switch out to rubber boots for today's visit.
The fields en route to the apiary are flooded. Not sure how the farmer will reach this hay barn as the road is completely underwater.
See that little stick in the foreground?
That's the top of a fence post, near the side of the road.
We were faced with a very soggy, mucky field and decided the best way in was through a wooded area. This involved climbing over a wire fence...thankfully, not barbed wire. I admit I am the poster child for clumsy; it wasn't a pretty maneuver, but it worked. We were greeted with a very happy sight when we reached the hives. Can you see what we are seeing?
Maybe you can hear it:

Isn't that a happy buzz?! Every hive is alive and active which is pretty wonderful after the winter we've had.

The only bad news was I had to climb back over that fence on the way back...


  1. Haha, I'm not a graceful fence climber either... I've heard of the smell of spring (mud), the taste of spring (maple syrup) and the sights of spring (green)... would this be the sound of spring?

  2. OH, yes, the sound of a buzzing hive! My Dad was a bee keeper and that sound was an everyday thing from my childhood. :)

    Fence climbing and me is worse than awkward. :P


  3. How wonderful to see/hear about bees thriving. Thanks for sharing..