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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Fibre Art For March

A reminder to folks in and around the Halifax area that the Advantage Frame exhibit featuring New Brunswick quilt artist Kathy Tidswell opens today. Kathy has her workshop information for the 2011 Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival posted on her website already - how organized! "Painting With Your Sewing Machine" and "Adding The 3rd Dimension To Your Wall Quilts" both sound pretty enticing. (With a bit of luck I hope to have my information posted by the time the Festival gets here (!) It will be "Free Motion Quilting For the Absolutely Terrified." Spending a day in a room with a bunch of terrified quilters sounds fun, don't you think?) Kathy Tidswell will be presenting workshops in Halifax at Quilt Canada 2012 so the show at Advantage Frame is a great opportunity for folks to check out her incredible work.


  1. Thanks for the reminder. I plan on checking out Kathy's work. I am intrigued by thread painting.

  2. Off topic - I got my Q.C. Magazine delivered today! Beautiful quilt and article of you. ; ) I was so happy to see you there. Congrats!! ; )
    ~Monika in SK