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Tuesday, 2 August 2022

The First Day of the Festival!

It's the first day of the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival and we are "hanging out" with the rest of the town to show off our fibre arts. This Global Warming quilt is so big it had a bit of a conflict clearing hubby's tomatoes (!). You can see my helper Polly supervising from the deck.

My clothesline isn't really visible from the street, so I decided to add a few quilts out front as well.

Because there is rain expected, I've hung a few small ones in the front windows.

There's even a miniature on the mailbox!

The Festival is encouraging everyone in Amherst to get involved and show off their fibre art - mittens, socks, tea towels - anything hand made.



  1. I enjoyed your quilt display, Karen.....and your house and garden are very pretty. Hello, Polly - I hope you are helping Karen during the Festival time!

  2. So much fun to see all the quilts hung around your house. That must be so great to drive around and see all the art!