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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Soley Cove Flowerpot

This "flowerpot" is located at Soley Town, a beautiful spot just at the base of Economy Mountain, N.S.  I took this picture a year or so ago and decided it would make a good project to stitch.  

Using the photograph as a guide, I traced around the main pieces in the photo and cut those from fabric.  The rest of the details (like the trees) were added using different weights of Aurifil thread. 
Mostly I stitched with 50 weight thread, but some 40 and 28 weight found their way in there as well.

It honestly hasn't turned out too far off, and I am pleased with the results.
Hubby and I went back to re-photograph the flower pot this spring, visiting again at low tide, and witnessed the might of the powerful Bay of Fundy tides.  Sadly, that lone tree extending at such a jaunty angle, has washed away over the winter.

We will get this one framed up and hang it in Five Islands. I think next on the list will be to try stitching the islands.