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Saturday, 6 August 2022


 For the final day of this year's Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival I've filled the line with socks!

There is nothing that feels better on your feet than a pair of homemade wool socks! Here are some beauties made mostly by others, but some by me (I've given away most of the ones I've made!). On the left, these fancy colourful socks were knitted by Beth Munroe of Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc, a woman of many talents! The next two pairs were made by Lou Harrington, who is seldom without a pair of needles in her hands. The red ones with the tulip embroidered on the heels are the best socks I've ever worn, and sadly they are showing how much I've enjoyed them. Next to Lou's teal pair are a trio made for hubby by family members. His sister Fay did the variegated spiral socks, and his Mom made him (and everyone!) a pair of fine wool cable socks every Christmas. If you zoom in you can see where he has darned the heels and toes on one pair. (Imagine: a man who darns his own socks!!) The next 4 pairs were knitted by my Mom, the smaller ones for the boys and the red toed ones for me. When she finally had to hang up her needles, I knit her the natural coloured ones to wear in bed to keep her feet warm. The final 3 pairs on the right are also made by me, the heavy wool socks for hubby's curling shoes. And yes...there are needles sticking out of the pair on the right as they are NOT QUITE finished yet! (Second sock syndrome is real.)
I hope you have enjoyed the clothesline fibre art show this week, and have been posting your own projects!


  1. Well....I for one have certainly been enjoying your clothesline fibre art shows, Karen!

  2. Second Sock Syndrome, such a problem. It is directly related to the Unquilted Quilt Top Syndrome, I believe. I have heard that a couple of rows every day is the treatment for that.
    I really enjoyed the clothesline fibre art shows. I hope they return!

  3. I cannot remember my Mum knitting, but she must have at some stage as I remember holding the wool on two hands, as she wound the re-used wool into balls. Her Mum knitted socks for the soldiers in WW2, and I still have the sets of 5 steel needles she used, the tips somewhat worn down. Love the sock stories, and a friend here in NZ, who knits socks, on 2 needles, does them both at the same time,.This means they do have a seam. Love those thicker ones for on the ice!!!