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Wednesday, 3 August 2022

I Hung Out My Aprons For The Festival!

 My clothesline today features hand made aprons...which you can see are all well loved and well used!

From left to right in the top picture is one given to me by Diane Shink .It was made in Ghana, and is lined with a flour sack.

The blue and pink aprons were both gifted to me on my first Christmas as a married woman (the blue one was made by Mom, who preferred a half-apron, and the pink over-the-head one by my mother-in-law Myrna. I guess both of them figured (correctly, as it turns out) that I would be a messy cook.) The next two were made by my sons in their Grade 7 Home Economics classes. Peter's features a Sponge Bob Square Pants print, and Patrick's plain green one has his name written boldly with marker across the pocket. I don't know how either of them passed this class!

The white apron on the far right is a real treasure which my Mom entrusted to me. It was made by my great-grandmother (Mrs Davie (Christina) Patterson) in her church sewing circle and the fine threads and fabric mean it was her "dress" apron.

The apron was passed to my Gram, and I remember Gram showing it to me when I was little, along with the picture of the Ladies Aid. She said that her mother was wearing the apron at the time of the picture, but the photographer made the women in the front row remove their aprons. You can see some in the back row still wearing theirs.

As much as I would have loved her to be wearing the apron in this photo, at least it gives the date of 1912 so I know it's at least that old.


  1. What treasure to have.....your great-grandma's apron is beautiful and would definitely have been kept for best!

  2. Your picture brought back memories of my high school days, when the 4H homemakers would serve at the banquets catered by the WI. The kitchen in the community hall as in the basement while the banquet room was up two flights of narrow stairs, and we ran up and down the stairs. My apron is a blue half apron with a duck embroidered on it. It's at the bottom of my tea towel drawer.

  3. They all are special, but the oldest one, what fine handwork, and finest fabric, I wonder how difficult it was then to find fabric like that.

  4. What a treasure that apron from your Great-Grandmother! Of course all the others are precious in their own way too. What a lovely collection. My mother never wore an apron and would never think of giving me one! I do have some and even like to sew with one.