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Monday, 2 November 2020


We expected a very quiet Hallowe'en here, so were pleasantly surprised to have 20 well-costumed Trick-Or-Treaters at our door. Everyone was Covid-masked (including us). Polly does not like when the doorbell rings so often, so she ran and hid for the evening.  We went to our summer home on Sunday to make sure all was well there, and it was (thankfully) just as we left it: cosy and inviting.

I took along the braided mat to try on the floor of the bedroom where it is meant to go.  Spread on my machine bed here it looked huge, but it clearly needs to be at least 6" bigger all around.  More braiding!  You can see the ends of the strips on the left side of the mat;  I didn't snip anything just in case.

This morning I have been going through old blog posts to update links which no longer work, and came across this one from 2015 which contains several Christmas ideas.  
My room tidying is not yet complete, but in another day or so I hope to be starting some new projects.  Christmas really is not that far away and although we may avoid gathering due to the pandemic, there will still be gifts.  Have you started on the making of yours yet?


  1. I have three pairs of hand knit socks in my Christmas box, so far. I just put the finishing touches on a table runner, started some years ago. Staying home has got me a good start on Christmas gifts.
    I hope Polly has recovered from Halloween. We didn't have any callers, except the Grand baby, who came earlier in the day.

  2. Your braided rug will look really good next to that quilt, Karen! Polly obviously doesn't go in for trick-or-treating......perhaps it's not for kitties? I haven't started making anything yet, but have bought a few things.