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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Christmas In July

Five months from today is The Big Day and many quilters are starting their holiday projects now.  If you are one of those organized souls, here are a selection of designs which may inspire you. Above, is The Beauty Of Christmas which can be used on the wall, the table, or under the tree.  You can find that pattern here.
Placemats are a popular gift;  the free instructions for making these are here on my blog.
 Woodland Tree Skirt makes a pretty addition to your Christmas decor.
The pattern may be downloaded by following this link.
A Christmas quilt is so pretty and this one is great to use up leftover bits and bobs of fabrics. It is aptly named "Gift Scrapped". 
The pattern includes directions for a runner...
and placemats. You can download the pattern for "Gift Scrapped" here.
  This Simply Santa© Tablerunner is the epitome of quick and  easy.
 You can download the pattern here:
 Don't forget the matching Santa Sacks to hold your special gifts.
 Santa Baby ornaments were a huge hit last year!  Find the free directions on my blog here.
Of course you need special boxes to wrap everything in as well.  The free instructions are here.
More gift bags:
These are reusable and last for many years. The patterns are on my website in a printed version or available as a download.
Hopefully this will give you lots of motivation to get started.  Only 5 months to go!


  1. You're sure it's six months, Karen? My calendar says five......perhaps we have different dates Down Under!

  2. Boy, you've sure got Christmas covered! Never too early to start getting ready.