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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Here and There

We've been enjoying a bit of summer vacation.  A trip up the Acadien Peninsula in New Brunswick was in order, as the lighthouse at Miscou Island has long been on the bucket list.  We packed up the Stuffle to go...
...and then had to unpack one large item: Polly.  She wasn't happy being left behind.
It's a lovely drive up the shore, and we enjoyed it a great deal - quiet roads and beautifully kept properties.  Everyone was so friendly, and we enjoyed delicious fare including lots of seafood.
The lighthouse at Miscou Island is MASSIVE.

We strolled along the sandy beach and dipped our toes in the waters of the Bay of Chaleur. That morning, we were the only visitors and had the place to ourselves.
The lighthouse is a National Historic Site and open to the public, so we climbed to the top.
We had to duck down and squeeze through this half door to get out onto the railed deck. 

 The view was peaceful.
We visited the other two islands in the area, including Île Lamèque where the Ste-Cécile Church is located.
Although the church is plain on the outside, every inch of it is decorated on the inside. The story is that when the church was built, the interior wood was treated with linseed oil. Over time, the oil turned the wood a very ugly black. Something needed to be done, so the priest and a helper set about painting the interior of the church.
Instead of just using one colour, they used a vibrant palette and made this church truly a unique work of art.

The doors of the church are left open for visitors and there were many there. It's really something to see.

 Here are the two artists:

We saw many huge churches in each small community, including this one in Pacquetville, singer Edith Butler's town.
 We visited a new distillery, Fils Du Roy...
 ...and were given a tour of the premises.
 Their copper vats were made to order by hand in Portugal.

Then we enjoyed delicious rappie pie to finish up the trip!

Now it's back to work!


  1. Sounds like you had a good little vacation Karen. I've never been to Miscou Island, guess I should add it to my (ever growing) bucket list.

  2. What a beautiful little church! Thanks for the guided tour. I am really an armchair traveler, so I do enjoy these travelogues. One question....what on earth is rappie pie? It looks delicious...... sweet or savory?

  3. What an interesting trip! A few questions: what is rapper pie? what is made at the distillery, did you get to try any samples? And did Polly get out in time? The church is lovely, and I'm glad to hear it's dedicated to music's patron saint.

  4. Poor Polly, she doesn't want to get left with just Maddie for company.
    Your trip looks lovely. Glad you had a good time.

  5. Oh! I think there is an Acadian background in there.. Karen..Glad you were able to get away! Anytime you get hungry for rappie pie... come to my kitchen ...