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Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Hooked on an Illusion

Kate Seely

Inspiration comes from everywhere, and rug hooker Kate Seely was inspired by a picture of a quilt she saw on my blog.  The optical illusion achieved in the Through The Lens quilt intrigued her, so she came up with her own interpretation in wool.  
She writes, "The dark green is a kilt from the thrift shop and the light grey is a purchased piece of felted wool fabric. I chose not to do all the centres red, but whenever I was hooking in a group and saw a colour that I liked, I asked if I could have a strip, So not all the centres are from my stash, I shudder to think what that would entail.I had a very good teacher when I was setting it up who explained to me that not all the squares outside the circle were the same size. She had me mark the diagonals from the centre of the rug and then hook each corner square first in the lines. Looks good , doesn’t it?"  It does indeed, Kate! 
Kate included the name of the designer of the original quilt, Mezhibovskaya Valery Vadimovna, aka "lerusisik" on the label for her mat.  It measures 22” X 31”.
This is the second time Kate has made a mat inspired by a quilt shown on this blog.  Check out her Roundabout Again here!
Well done, Kate!