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Friday 1 April 2016

The Itch to stitch

Lately I have been busy doing work which has kept me away from the sewing machine - writing, designing, working on posters and brochures, preparing for things coming up this spring.  It's all good, and all work-related, but it hasn't allowed me much time to stitch, and I miss that.  I need that! 
So I've decided now when the work day ends, I will choose a small stitching project that requires no thinking for my tired brain.  I have made a couple more zippered pouches, including this one from a gorgeous piece of Stephanie Brandenburg fabric. I just love this print!
The fabric was leftover from a tote, trimmed in Seminole patchwork, that I made a couple of years' back for my friend Jill in Fredericton Junction.  
Another day, I basted and machine quilted a flannel top for a baby quilt that I had pieced another day I needed something mindless - it's just squares, quilted with squiggly lines. I stitched the binding on the following day. 
Yesterday Grandma Coco posted a sweet pattern for a kitty enjoying some April showers.  Cheryl had sketched out her design to use on cookies she was decorating, and then decided she would get double-duty from her sketch and use it as an applique quilt block. She invited folks to download the pattern for free from her blog and to stitch along with her.  I decided instead of applique, I would try embroidering the kitty.  I set my machine up for free motion stitching, with heavy 12 weight Aurifil thread in the top and a size 16/100 topstitch needle.  It took no time to embroider the block.

 As you can see I used a hoop, but I kept banging into it with the edge of the foot so next time I will stitch without a hoop.  This is how my very talented friend Monika does it, so I know it can be done.
Skip over the Grandma Coco's blog and see her block and cookies, and join us in stitching!


  1. Wow, you're so right about the fabric for that zippered pouch! It's quite stunning! I've worked on lots of smaller projects this winter. It has been very satisfying. Have a wonderful evening! XO

  2. Lately I've been working on smaller projects as well. I have been feeling the need to finish and small projects meet that need. Love the floral fabric, it's perfect for that small size.

  3. Feels good to see things threw from start to finish in a hurry doesn't it?

  4. Karen, I am so glad to call you my friend. Thanks for trying out the April Showers cat in embroidery. I love it in your Aurifil threads!

  5. My one stop tonight before I call it a day was to your blog. It was a treat I love both the tote and the zippered bag, and the embroidered cat would be such joy to some little (or not so little) girl's pillowcase . Not everyone is able to have a cat in the family.