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Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter Bags

I was looking for something quick and cute to stitch for Easter treats, and found these sweet little bunny-ear bags on this site, Sew Can She. 
Making just one took a fair bit of time, since a buttonhole is involved, but if these were done Henry Ford style, you could make a herd fairly quickly.  I used three shades of Mirror Ball Dot; the next ones will be made in a variety of prints.  These will be so cute popping up out of Easter baskets, or even on their own  with little treats inside (a spool of thread fits). Fun! 

This second bag was delivered to my home yesterday, with a special something inside.  I had seen these bags online before, and now I understand why the bottom side seams are left unstitched.  It's an easy way to form a bag bottom. With grommet handles, it looks professionally made.  I will look around for something special to store in this bag...
 ...cos it's doubtful the original (homemade) contents will survive long *-)
Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Marilyn.  Happy Easter!

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  1. Such cute bunny bags! Am intrigued with the bottle bag. I made a water bottle bag/holder.....once. I make sure I use it because that bottom was a bugger. Happy Easter! XO