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Sunday, 6 December 2015

First Big Snow

On Friday, we awoke to a winter wonderland.  Amherst had the distinction of receiving the most snow in the Maritimes for the day- 25 cm.  I am posting these pictures especially for Jennifer in New South Wales, who has recently returned from a trip to Canada but did not get to experience anything beyond a few flurries.  I had my fingers crossed that there would be a major snowfall just for Jennifer while she was here, but it didn't happen.  Jennifer, you'll have to make do with a few shots of our backyard...and Polly.
The snow was very wet and heavy, which made for hard shovelling.  With the accompanying wind, we also suffered quite a few broken branches

 The snow is so beautiful; I just love it.
 Our birch tree did not fare well at all.
It fell on top of the holly bushes, which - under the snow - are covered in red berries, which the birds enjoy.

 Across the street, the neighbour's tall spruce trees look like a Christmas card photo.

With Christmas lights now lit, the snow is certainly putting us in the holiday spirit.


  1. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, in your neighbourhood. We are having a weirdly warm day. My Christmas lights look sad, with no snow to reflect off.

  2. You have holly!!? That's something I wish we could grow. I'm glad you're happy with the snow.

  3. Yay - snow! Wet white stuff, thank you, Karen!! Such a shame about your trees though, that's sad.......but your holly looks very Christmas-y poking through the snow. Polly, you need your own little Polly-sized sled!

  4. Beautiful. It was supposed to get up to 80 here today; but,it only reached 74. Still nice.

  5. We didn't get any snow here. I always enjoy the first few snowfalls but after that...not so much.