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Sunday, 1 November 2015

A Treat

In a day of trick-or-treating, I received this lovely photo which is absolutely the latter.
This is the first picture of a completed piece from last weekend's Maritime Beauty workshop in O'Leary P.E.I., and what a beauty it is!.   Louise Hardy has arranged her colours skillfully to have her green bowties form a wreath.  This is going to be stunning on a festive table.  Louise's choice of a green binding ties her colours together nicely (and what a great job on that binding, those inside corners are perfect!)
Louise writes, "I am really pleased with how it turned out.  Your directions were great; I enjoyed the class very much and meeting you."
I enjoyed meeting you and your guild too, Louise, and can't wait to see more pictures from the day.


  1. It's certainly a beauty! She must have had a good instructor! XO

  2. Louise, you did a lovely job. I am sure you will find lots of opportunities to show your Beauty off.

  3. The wreath shows off so beautifully! Good job, Louise.