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Friday, 6 November 2015

Snow Beauty

Before presenting a workshop, I always sew a new version of the project to have it fresh in my mind.  When preparing for the recent class on Maritime Beauty, I decided to give my project a bit more zing. Here's the result, and even though I've named it "Snow Beauty", it really is :)
I used beautiful Hoffman batiks, printed with snowflakes, in black and greys.
 The large snowflakes were fussy cut for the centre, and for the semi-circles on each end.
There was enough solid black around the snowflakes that I could cut plain background pieces to square out the centre sections.

I chose a medium grey Aurifil thread (#2610) for piecing.  When it came time to quilt, Aurifil #4060, which is a very subtle white to medium-dark grey variegated, was a perfect choice to blend with the batiks.
My quilting was free-form ice shards.  The spikes of the New York Beauty block make a perfect halo around the batik snowflakes.
I am really, really pleased with how this turned out.  
The pattern for original Maritime Beauty may be downloaded here.


  1. It really is a beauty. I'm partial to black and white anyway. This looks very icy.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Karen. I just love it !!!

  3. So pretty, it gives me chills! Saw your pattern in the new issue of AQS Magazine!

  4. Karen, this Beauty is the absolute most gorgeous I have ever seen. Great fabric choices. Lucy

  5. That's so beautiful! It was on the Auriful facebook page today - well done, Karen!

  6. Another one where you outdid yourself Karen. Beautiful!

  7. Oh my that is gorgeous! but then all of your work is super. The girls at the guild are all excited about getting their Diamonds Are A girls Best Friend ready as a Christmas Tree Skirt . Another reminder of the beautiful work you design. Hugs ♥