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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Wrapped In Love

My latest quilt is designed with mothers and grandmothers in mind. I had hoped to have this ready by Mother's Day but we're just a little off that mark. It's bright and happy, with an old-fashioned look.
It's a totally scrappy Dresden Fan with colours randomly placed.  My only rule was one green blade per section. The yellow centres are Stof Quilter's Rose, and the background is Cottage Basics from Red Rooster Fabrics, both from Mrs. Pugsley's.  The background fabric seemed very appropriate as it is printed with words like "Blessings" and "Life lived in moments". My Mom was certainly a blessing. The blades are fast and easy to stitch, and no raw edge to turn under as the point is enclosed in a seam.

The blades and fans went together really quickly.  What a great use of scraps, you could sew these forever.
All the threads used were Aurifil cotton Mako 50, both for piecing and quilting.
The quilt is backed with flannel and interlined with a wool batting.  It's so cuddly, I wanted the quilting "loose" to maintain the softness and drape.  Basically, there are free form feathers running up the sides and the blades are simply outlined.

The yellow centres have a petal quilted in each.
It's a non-traditional setting for sure, with big "flowers" at the top. The fans dip playfully to the bottom to echo the shape of the quilt.  The bottom edge is angled so that this quilt can be used in a wheelchair without getting tangled up in the tires.
Another special feature of the quilt is this secret kangaroo pocket stitched into the quilt under the second row of fans.  You can slip your hands in, like an old-fashioned muff, to keep them warm.  The pocket is lined with flannel so it's a cosy spot for cold hands.
The pattern includes instruction for these microwavable hand warmers, sized to tuck into the pocket.

I've been using the quilt on cold mornings as I work at the computer; it's just the right size.  You can purchase the printed pattern for Wrapped In Love from my website, or download it here.