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Thursday 21 May 2015

Rainbow Heaven

A new selection of Hoffman 1895 watercolours - 22 luscious shades! They have the most intriguing names too: Cobalt, Waikiki, Lapis, Blue Jay, Atlantic, Azure, Election Day, Peacock, Earth Day, Betta fish (I had to Google that one!), Sea Salt, Belize, Stove Green, Jade, Chameleon, French Lime, Gecko, Citrine, Buttercup,The OC (?), Pumpkin, Halloween,and Flame.  I wonder who gets to name them?
The only thing more fun than playing with these fabrics, is matching them up to thread colours.
Off to iron, and dream - heaven!


  1. Wouldn't naming of fabrics or threads be a fun job? Imagine getting paid for such antics!!
    My "pile" would look the same- more blues than anything... :)

  2. Nice Karen. I really like their fabrics.

  3. Holey Smokes, Karen!! What a treasure trove! Lucky you.

  4. Oh luscious are those fabrics! Not many greens, though......*grin*