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Monday 25 May 2015

May Showers

With another quilt display and book signing on the weekend behind me, we're in the home stretch for the final gig in May. It's a big one for me, one which has been in the planning for many months: a visit to my friends at La Guilde Acadienne de Clare in Saulnierville. It will take most of Friday to get there, leaving just enough time to check it at a beautiful inn, have a bite of supper, and get set up for the trunk show that evening.  I am taking mostly New York Beauty quilts (I have a lot of them!) along with a few other favourites.  Instead of packing everything in boxes, I am opting this time to wrap the quilts around pool noodles. They are lightweight and easy to transport. I learned this tip from other quilt instructors, and it's a great idea.
I think there will be 4 or 5 noodles full which can simply be unrolled on a table in the correct order for my talk. The noodles will be colour-coded of course so I can easily separate the "chapters" of the narrative. (Can you spell OCD? :)  Our dining room has been piled high with boxes of books, quilts, patterns, and workshop kits for several weeks as it was much easier to leave things there, handier the door, than lug them all back into my work room each time after a display.  May has been a very busy month. I thank my ever patient family for putting up with all of this - we'll soon have the room back to use for meals!

I doubt there will be much sewing done this week.  The machine will need to be cleaned, oiled, and packed up by Wednesday. It's hard to settle down to create when your head is busy going over workshop details; it always makes me think of the adage about serving two masters.  For my quilts to be successful, I need to be focused and fully in the zone, otherwise I am disappointed with my results.  
This is as far as I've gotten sewing those fabulous Hoffman water colours, I cut the fabric into strips and have been sewing them back together with a slight curve. 
I can't wait to show you what this is going to be.
Here's a hint:  it involves this gorgeous Vizzy zipper! 


  1. Good luck in Saulnierville! Most importantly, have FUN!!

  2. Enjoy your trip to Saulnierville! Those fabrics are so luscious - you could almost eat them, couldn't you?

  3. Great tip on the pool noodles. Have fun on your trip. I know you will.

  4. and we count the sleeps... one more! hooray! We are all ready for you with hugs from the members of La Guilde Acadienne de Clare.

  5. Those colours have so much energy, they make a body feel good