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Friday, 30 May 2014

Expect the unexpected

A funny thing happened yesterday...A few days ago I stopped in to a shop to drop off an item for service and was to return in two days' time to pick it up.  I hadn't seen the woman who waited on me for some time and we chatted a bit to catch up.  When I returned she greeted me with, "I have a surprise for you!" and handed me this spool of thread.  It took me a long moment...and then a light bulb came on.  We both started laughing.
Years ago I had made napkins using this variegated thread on the rolled edge.  She admired the thread so I gave her a spool.  She promised to return it after she made her napkins...but they never got made and the thread sat all this time.  How much time?  Hmmm...Our kids were little and I was teaching Sunday School must be 16 years ago.  Look at the price!
I love the unexpected.  This was such a good laugh!