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Monday, 5 May 2014

No Longer Afraid Of The Dark

Making bias binding from dark fabrics has always been a tricky operation. The Clover white marker leaves a clear visible line on dark fabrics but disappears when the heat of the iron touches it. On a regular ironing board, it's difficult to keep the marks intact.
My solution is to use a sleeve board to do the pressing.
The tube of fabric slips over the end of the sleeve board.
Using just the tip of the hot iron, I am able to carefully press the seam open without removing the marks for cutting. In a pinch, this method will also work if you mistakenly draw your lines with a FriXXion marker (ask me how I know...).

Because so many of my quilts have curved outside edges, I make a lot of bias binding and find this method works great every time.


  1. I am amazed at how your lines match up. Mine are always off when I sew the tube together - what am I doing wrong????

    1. Hi, I have a super simple, goof-proof trick which I share in workshops, and have also included in my new book due out this fall. (see this post for a peek at the cover: ). It works every time!

  2. What a good idea.......some of the new markers are excellent but they can have little drawbacks, such as disappearing before you want them to!

  3. If you have an accident with the FriXXon pen, you can tuck the fabric into the freezer and the marks will reappear, like magic. (...ask me how I know!)