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Monday, 19 August 2013

On Beeing Lazy

I haven't mentioned the bees much this summer because they aren't doing anything worthy of mention.  They appear happy and healthy but are not making very much honey at all.  They are way behind in production for this time of year.
Originally, we suspected our early wet summer had something to do with this, but lately we've had lots of sunshine.
They appear to be lazing away, taking the time to smell the roses...or in this case, the goldenrod.
We are a big perplexed as to their inaction.  Old-timers would tell us it means a mild winter ahead and they don't feel the need to store away as much as they normally do.  It's rather hard to reprimand them or threaten to withhold pay;  we just have to let Mother Nature take its course and see what the outcome will be in the fall. 


  1. Can just imagine holding the bees' wages back......

  2. Hmmm, very interesting. Mother Nature has her own ways, doesn't she?

  3. Perhaps you could try offering incentive bonuses.

  4. Oh, I was wondering how your bees were. I'm glad for the update on them. Too bad about the honey. We drove by Amherst yesterday unroute to New Glasgow. Love all your windmills. I so would love to read the business case behind them.

    I wonder if we will have a mild winter. I hope so.