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Friday 30 August 2013

A New Quilt Shop Opens!

It was a big day in Amherst, Nova Scotia yesterday as Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium quietly opened the front doors to greet customers.  I took a few pictures but won't share many here;  you can check out Mrs. P's blog for more.  Let's just say there were some pretty eye-catching fabrics on display, including this bright collection shown in the middle here:

Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium is housed in an historically significant building and is a landmark in downtown Amherst.  It is an absolutely amazing spot to house a quilt shop.
Beth herself has been a big part of Amherst's history, in her previous life as owner/pharmacist of a drugstore originally owned and operated by Sir Charles Tupper, a former Prime Minister of Canada. She honours the clock tower building by creating in her store a unique ambiance of past and present, combining artifacts of Amherst's history along with a computer work station where how-to-quilt videos may be viewed and downloaded.  It is an interesting spot to say the least, put together with a great deal of vision for continued growth.

I left the shop with some "Flabbies" of a new line by Benartex called Floral Philosophy by Kanvas.  It will be awhile before I get to stitch these as I am still knee deep in book projects but I wanted to get them before they got snapped up.
Another customer was purchasing some of the gorgeous "Florentine" collection by Hoffman, which I have just finished using.  I know she will love these fabrics - my project just glows!
It's exciting to be able to walk down the street and have all these beautiful fabrics available...something our local area has not had for a long time. I encourage everyone to check out and support Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium (tell her Karen sent you :)  For now, open hours at the shop are minimal so check out Mrs. P's blog first to make sure she is open when you arrive.  


  1. Hi Karen
    Did I have fun at Mrs. P`s today. Love the Asian prints & the prices. Everyone needs to go, go, go. Thumbs up to Beth.

  2. Looks wonderful. hurry up October. I love the fabric you chose Karen. Hope there is some left when I get there.

  3. Ooohhh, you just have to love a new quilt store in town. And, love the location.

  4. Nice. I'll definitely drop in next time I'm in town. It sounds awesome!!

  5. Can't wait to visit Mrs. P! I was hoping maybe we would be able to stop in on our way to or from NS this past week, but the timing did not work out.. Next time for sure!