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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Unexpected And The Anticipated

Reaching my hand into the mailbox is a favourite part of my day;  you never know what surprises you may pull out.  Perhaps it's because I grew up at a rural Post Office, but the fascination with mail never grows old. Imagine my delight when I reached in and retrieved this fabulous fabric postcard from Kate in Ontario.  Kate has recently completed a Maritime Beauty and she used her scraps to send a greeting.
You can check out her post here.  I love her title ("Maritime Cutie") almost as much as I love the postcard!  Thanks so much, Kate. I imagine my mailman was intrigued by this unusual item in his mailbag.
One Maritime Beauty I have been anticipating seeing is Jennifer's, from Bronze Wombat fame. Hailing from Australia, Jennifer purchased fabrics for her project on trip to Canada last fall and sought to make this a reminder of her visit.  Most were purchased in Victoria, B.C. and she chose colours to represent sea, sand, rocks and sky - things which impressed her as being very "Canadian".  With permission, I nabbed this shot of her fabrics from her blog, but please visit to see her pieced top:  it sparkles!

Thanks to both Kate and Jennifer for great work.


  1. Love "Maritime Cutie", that's a great title! Thanks for linking to my blog, it will be interesting to see how many visits that generates.