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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Last Call

I am really floored at the fabulous response to Ostentation. I can't thank you enough for all the kind comments, emails and phone calls I have received. It's been heartwarming to say the least. The poll for Viewer's Choice closes tomorrow on the Stitch Star site (July 19) so if you have not yet voted, perhaps you will be kind enough to do that now: Give the pictures of all the entries a few minutes to load; the voting screen will appear at the end of each set of pictures once they have all downloaded.
On a funny and somewhat related note...I was reading last week that quilters subconsciously dress in the same colours with which we are currently working. I don't often post pictures of myself on the blog (for obvious reasons!) but here's a quick snap hubby took of me before Ostentation got sent off which I offer up as support for this hypothesis:
Intrigued, I went back through quilt photos from years' back; funny hair and all, here's what I found...

Have a look through your own pictures and see if you've done this too!! (Right after you vote, of course :) Today I am wearing blue jeans and a white shirt as I work on my latest quilt - no mystery what colour it is!


  1. Are we allowed to vote more than once? Or is that cheating?
    Your "dressed to match" photos are too funny Karen!! I think we all do that, whether subconsciously or not...

  2. Wow, some great pictures.
    I did my duty & I love your entry.
    Mary, stil in Rockway.

  3. Oh, that is so funny! Co-ordinating quilts and outfits.....who would have thought it.

  4. Lots of us voted on this end... Oh I love the pictures... Great photo shoot.