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Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Fun

Yesterday the tree went did Polly shortly there afterwards.
She loves it!
I'm sure she is wondering why it took her parents so long to figure out that we needed a tree in our livingroom. It's going to be a fun Christmas...

And as for my angry post yesterday on the copyright infringement, I am happy to say that every thing has been happily and easily resolved for both sides. The post has been removed. I can't thank you enough for your strong support which was instrumental in sorting this so quickly. One kind reader urged me not to let it drop and even offered to pay legal fees (wow!!) if they became necessary - which thankfully, they were not. I truly appreciate your overwhelming support. In the new year I will post on the topic again. It is a contentious one and from some of the comments I received yesterday, it's obvious there is a lack of understanding on the whole issue. It isn't about the block, it's about the overall design. If you haven't realized, quilts fall under the Visual Arts section of Intellectual Property. So as quilters, if you begin to think of yourselves as artists, that may help with your understanding of the whole picture.


  1. So good to hear that copyright infringement has been sorted. Oh, Polly - naughty kitties might find only a sack of coal in their Christmas stocking, no presents.....just letting you know......

  2. I am so pleased that things got resolved!
    It sure looks like it is going to be a fun Christmas - can't wait to see pictures after the ornaments go up (down?).