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Tuesday 20 July 2010

Quilting Blues...

No, I'm not depressed - my quilts just seem to be singing the blues lately. In what can only be described as "quilting ADD", multiple projects are always on the go. Yesterday I woke up with an overwhelming urge to sew silk, so I drafted a new design out in EQ7 and have the first block completed.
The navy silk jacquard is a recent addition to the stash and was begging to be sewn. Working with silk is very rewarding, but slow. I am delighted with how easily the Bernina handles this tricky fabric. A microtex size nine needle as well as a finer thread are being used in the piecing and silk thread will be used to quilt. I am excited about the cool way these blocks will set together :)
In another corner are sample blocks for the Meadow Song workshop for Fibre Arts Festival in October. These will be stitched using a variety of machine appliqué techniques, including blanket, satin, blind and decorative stitching
The last blue pile is the log cabin quilt from last week.
Blue is a special colour for Nova Scotia; not only do we find it in our tartan, we see it everywhere - blue skies, blue waters and blue berries.


  1. Your blues are just like everything else you make, wonderful! BYW, I have quilting "ADD", too.

  2. Whoops, I meant that last comment to read BTW, not BYW...

  3. blue is, after all, the best colour.