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Thursday 29 July 2010

Bees and Garden Salad

I'm happy to report that the bees are safely delivered back to their main residence and will NOT be moving again this season. It was a gargantuan task to move those heavy hives, unlike anything we have encountered in the past. Hubby had to resort to renting a bigger truck to fit them all in; he ended up with this U-Haul: (you should see the funny looks you get when you tell a salesman you want to rent a truck to haul live bees :))

Fortunately, we had lots of willing and eager teenage muscle show up to assist in the late-night caper and we are very grateful for their energy and enthusiasm.There were multiple sting casualties but no one seemed to mind. The bees will now settle down to enlarging and capping their honey stores.

As for the Garden Salad in the title, that refers to a free placemat pattern being offered by Bev at The Quilter's Net. If you'd like a copy of the pattern, simply click this link and subscribe to the newsletter before midnight Saturday, July 31 and the pattern will be mailed out to you, gratis. Who wouldn't like Garden Salad in this weather?

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