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Friday, 23 April 2010

Week's End

The appliqué is almost complete on the border of "With Glowing Hearts". Normally I would simply pin baste the pieces in place but I am thread basting this time as this project is one that has been sitting for a bit while I worked on other things. With the pins out of the way, I will be able to give it a well-needed press before machine stitching. Since this is playoff season, the handwork is done while I watch the games (triple overtime last night meant the border was almost completed!)
Working on simultaneous projects which fit into one's life schedule is one of the points to be included in an article I have been asked to write on time management. This week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Bev Crouse of The Quilter's Net and she kindly invited me to be a guest blogger on her site, sharing tips on how to fit everything into a crowded day. As quilting is a profession rather than a hobby for both Bev and myself, I value our brainstorming sessions together a great deal. I will let you know when the article is ready and post a link to it from here.
This weekend is the Gathering of the Guilds in New Brunswick, hosted this year by the Sussex Vale Quilter's Guild. We wish all of those attending a wonderful time.

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