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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Virtual Becomes Reality

Yesterday I had lunch with someone I met over the Internet.

That sounds pretty risqué...except that it was Linda who pens Stitch Lines. (hmm...perhaps I should have read her last post about her wanting to become a hooker first!) It was great to be able to put a face and voice to an online friend. Linda has generously offered to send pictures of her custom made Bernina table for inspiration for the one hubby will build me. I am taking my time collecting ideas so that the table will meet my needs as perfectly as the machine does.

In addition to a great lunch with Linda, it was a productive day of stitching. In the morning I made continuous bias binding and applied it to my last NYB Fossil Fern project, and got the current one basted. The quilting with the foot has been done on this piece, and now I am trying to decide what free motion motifs to add. It's very green so I am thinking leaves.
Our weather has been a bit temperamental. I see snow outside the window; the bees will not be happy when we visit this afternoon.


  1. What to free motion quilt is always a dilemma for me.
    Your NYB looks great, can't wait to see what you come up with. ♥

  2. Love your quilting. I am just attempting my first larger piece and I am having a terrible time with thread breakage. What kind of thread do you use?