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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Spring Progression

After a stormy start to our week, the weather has been beautiful and the crocuses are in bloom in the flower beds. Hubby arrived home with some cancer daffodils which are brightening the kitchen with their colour and aroma. Even though I have been kept very busy this week, there isn't much to show as I am working on assembling workshop kits - 50 altogether. This involves making many metres of bias binding which the students will use for practise in joining ends and binding curved edges. As I finish up a spool of thread, I toss it into a small basket; the pack rat in me cannot seem to part with the spools just in case some fabulous use for them materializes. I fondly remember as a child gluing my Gram's discarded wooden thread spools into wonderful beds for my dolls. These plastic spools don't have the same charm their wooden forerunners did. It's a little scary to think that I have gone through this much thread since the beginning of the year.
Yesterday I worked on a small market basket. This was a prototype but it turned out not so badly and will get put into service accompanying me on my shopping trips. I applaud the efforts of our grocery stores in phasing out plastic bags. A piece of TimTex in the bottom was just enough to help define the basket shape. The fabrics came from Dayle's (of course!): a SSI basket weave, and a piece of red from Stephanie Brandenburg's Hollyhock collection:


  1. Karen, I save all my plastic spools and take them to our local elementary school. The KIndergarten teachers LOVE them - they put them in with the blocks and the kids use them to "build" you might consider giving your local school a call to see if they would be interested...

  2. I was going to suggest the spools could be used by children to make necklaces. For myself - I have memories of my mother making me something with a wooden spool, an elastic band, and something else - that made a cool noise as it "rolled" along (with notches cut out of the edge so it didn't roll very well LOL). I'm glad someone has crocuses - my poor hyacinths have snow all over them.