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Wednesday 2 July 2008


Yesterday was a lovely celebration of Canada's 141st birthday; we enjoyed a BBQ, strawberry shortcake and the company of friends. The downtown festivities in Amherst, NS, are always lively and this year we also took a jaunt to Sackville, NB, to spend part of the day in another province. The weather was perfect for the fireworks at Drew and Charlene's...although we could have done with quite a few less mosquitoes!

On the sewing front, my focus is still on playing with NYB's and working from available stash. The latest is a miniature version of the Maritime Beauty. This was a fun piece to make and surprisingly not as challenging as one would think a 2" curved block would be.
It's like Mini-Me!

The weekend in the bee yard was not quite so tame... Even though Mother Nature dictated that it was time to switch from the blueberry to the cranberry fields, the bees had other ideas. They didn't want to move. Much angst and many stings later, the bees were successfully transported to their new digs. The price of honey may be going WAY up if they continue to BEEhave in such a manner!

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