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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Quilts From The Edge

Here's what it looks like joined together. The plan is to show Newfoundland - the "edge" - at the vortex of sea and sky. I like the notion of the two shades of blue to represent the ebb and flow of the tide... the exchange and sharing of ideas coming in and going back out.
A variety of circular shapes were collected from around the house. The kitchen cupboards seemed to yield the most choices. I traced around several sizes on white freezer paper and laid the cut-out of Newfoundland in place. After narrowing it down to a dinner plate or a pot lid, the winner was the Paderno saucepan cover.
The centre fits nicely. Now I just have to add Newfoundland, trim the outer edges, layer and start the machine quilting.

There was just enough fabric to piece the bias binding for the outer edge. Whew!

And here it is...Totally off the cutting edge *-) Remember to check out the Canadian Quilter's Association website to see more quilts made using the same five fabrics, and the same theme, "Quilts From The Edge."

1 comment:

  1. Cool quilt - loved seeing the steps of its construction. Maybe I'll see it in person in Nfld this spring!