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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

6 Of 1, 1/2 A Dozen Of Another

Or in this case, 16 of each.
Yesterday I sewed these 32 foundation sections for the project I am working on (the top ones are not trimmed as yet).  This is not normally the way I work, preferring to sew a single block at a time.  Logically, doing them the Henry Ford method (i.e. assembly line) made perfect sense as I was less likely to mix up colours. Additionally, I did not have to change to a sharper needle when adding the template sections of the block, and then back again when doing the next foundation. Surely this saved me some time. The day dragged however, and I missed being able to look over and see my pretty finished blocks, encouraging me to make more.  It does put me in a good place to start today as I expect to have the 32 blocks finished well before noon but it was a stretch to sew these yesterday.  Which way do you work?


  1. It depends on the project, but I must admit to being a fan of the assembly line!

  2. Yes I like assembly line too, but then I have to complete a few to gaze at to spur me on.. just like you, it seems!!
    I'll wave at you tomorrow as Laura and I head to the 'Nish...

  3. When I did my Maritime Beauty, I did all the foundation piecing at once, to keep up the momentum (and so I didn't forget what I was doing, and sew on the wrong side.)

  4. Depends on the project for me too. Most times, if I am chain-piecing, I work on 8 - 10 blocks at a time.

  5. I like to do assembly line for awhile, but then I get bored and want to see something come together!