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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Kitty Kiddies

This is a post for all the cat lovers out there,  pictures of Polly and Maddie being cute.
I've shown this first picture before.  It's Polly when she was very young, snuggling with the stuffed cat (named Catee) on the back of the couch.  Each time Polly had a nap attack, she would seek out Catee to curl up with.  We eventually moved Catee to our bed and Polly continues to seek her company.
When Maddie arrived on the scene last fall, Polly was fine sharing her little stuffed duck and leopard Beanie Baby, but did not like Maddie coming near Catee.  (BTW, the long grey and white strip in the picture is a length of fake fur and lambswool in which both cats love to knead their paws.)
We looked around to find a soft stuffed cat for Maddie and found one just before Christmas.This tuxedo Jelly Belly was perfect, and unbelievably Maddie.  The stuffed cat got named Charlie.
Maddie took to him right away;  maybe he figures it is his long lost brother?
Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and here's Maddie curled up for a nap with Charlie.

It's enough to make a cat-mama go, "aaaawwww" :)  Maddie awoke and left, and not 5 minutes later...
Polly arrived in the same spot for her afternoon siesta.
Between the pair, they have almost as many stuffed toys as our two boys did...and play with them way more.  Whoever coined the term "Fur-babies" got it right.


  1. What a cute post. As a mama to two senior girl cats, this was just precious. My two girls have never taken to stuffies but I find it amusing that one prefers my husband's lap in the evenings and the other one prefers mine.

  2. Oh, that is so funny......and so cute!

  3. OMGoodness - that is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

  4. I just love your cat story today, Karen. I, too, am a cat lover and so appreciate how you must have been chuckling as you watched this show unfold. Keep those stories coming! Lucy

  5. Oh too cute!! If Ollie sees this he'll be asking for his own stuffie to love...

  6. I love these photos of the cats! Charlie's the perfect companion for Maddie. So cute.