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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Quilt Shows Galore!

There has been so much busy-ness in these parts lately that I've completely lost track of time. Thank heavens there are folks more with it who keep me on track! July 27-29 is International Quilt Festival 2012 at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, Long Beach, California. My Farrago (shown above) will be there as part of the "O Canada" exhibit. Thanks to Carole S. and Diana F. who both sent me this link as a reminder. You can see all the quilts in the Canadian exhibit here; mine appears to be the only Maritime entry. As always, I would love to see pictures from the show if any readers are headed there. Marilyn - you've come through twice before, are you headed there again? :)

Closer to home, there are two more big shows coming up next week and I will share posters with you shortly. Thank you Carole, Diana and Marilyn.

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  1. Yes I will be there. I'm working the show on Friday. I'll get pictures for you. :)