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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Checking On The Bees

Hubby and I made a trek to the beeyard to see how things are looking. There is lots of snow in the field and even though we did bring the snowshoes, decided to leave them in the car. I expect part of the reason for this is we had to climb over an electrified fence and hubby knew this was already a feat for me in boots. It would be a disaster in snowshoes. On the way, we spotted several bees struggling in the snow; they had been out for a cleansing flight and didn't seem to have the strength to return to the hive.

Hubby, aka The Bee Whisperer, gently picked up each straggler by a wing and put her on his mitten to carry back to the hive.

By the time we reached the hives, he had four bees. It was like carrying sleepy kids home from a day at the park.

The hives looked good and secure, and there were many out enjoying the sunshine.

(Which is more than I can say about me and that electric fence...)


  1. Ahh, those sweet bees... I'm glad they are all have a good snooze. And what's with the electric fence. Did you zap yourself.

  2. The image that came to mind as I read this post was of the Good Shepherd leaving the flock to find the lost lamb and carrying it back to the flock. Thank you for starting my day on that pleasant thought.

  3. Ouch on the electric fence......good to see the bees are doing well!

  4. What a lucky thing for the bees that you were checking on them. They now get a second chance at life. You and your hubby are wonderful bee keepers. Wish we could have some, but neither me or DH would have the know how or energy to take proper care of them. I just love honey though. In fact, have you ever tried lavendar infused honey? Delicious, but expensive.

  5. isn't that sweet! (the honey bees being carried on the red mitten) : ) mmmm honey.... Are you okay though!!??

  6. Pretty cool, no pun intended!! Was attracted to you blog via your blog's name. So clever. My name is Karen, too, and I live in Canada - Cape Breton. Except winters. I travel to TX to stay with my daughter and escape the ravages of the season.

  7. How did he know which hive to put them on or did he just get them close and they figured it out themselves?

  8. Morning Karen,
    great catching up on your activities. We are so greatful for the bee whisperer . No email available for an unknown reason, so this is my hello from South Carolina