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Monday, 13 February 2012

Bee My Honey

Today's Amherst Daily News ran a short survey on the most popular Valentine's Day gifts, which of course included flowers and chocolate. They neglected to mention honey! If you are looking for a unique sweet for your sweetheart, Pugsley's Pharmacy on Victoria Street has a new stock of Neary Apiary honey.

While we were delivering honey, we picked up a copy of "Bordertown Blues", a new CD by local musicians Drew Moore and Rocky Ripley which is also available at Pugsley's Pharmacy. As I type, I am listening to Drew sing his original composition, "Word Called Goodbye." It's awesome!

Honey and music - creative and sweet Valentine's treats!


  1. Hi Karen-I just love your cat. I have never seen a cat dig in the snow or ride a scoop. I love your quilting. Is it free motion on a table machine and if so do you go over any previous stitching? You were so helpful to me in finishing my Santa Trip so I hope you don't mind me asking again. Also what threads do you use, up & down?
    Thanks Wendy

  2. Sounds like my kind of music! Honey is a better gift idea than would last longer, that's for sure.