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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Victoria's Quilts Raffle Winner

Yesterday I had the honour of being asked to draw the winning ticket for the quilt being raffled by Victoria's Quilts Canada. You may recall seeing this beautiful quilt entitled "Stars Galore" on a previous post. The quilt was made and donated by Grace Chapman, and the lucky winner is Ruth Landry of Amherst. Here Gayle Janes and Marry Farrow Sinclair hold the quilt for Amherst Daily News reporter Darrell Cole.
Darrell plays an important role in our community as he vigilantly and accurately keeps us informed of what's going on. He made sure Victoria's Quilters made the paper today to help spread the word on the good work they do, providing quilts of comfort to cancer patients.
Here are some of the quilters involved with the Tantramar Branch of Victoria's Quilts Canada:

From left to right: Mary Dickinson, Dorothy Fitzgerald, Blanche McEachern, Shirley Young, Gayle Janes, Marilyn Farrow, Shirley Cormier, Darlene Harris,Chris McCarthy,Margo Gould, Anne Hatfield, Marilyn LeBlanc, Judy Milner, Mary Farrow Sinclair.

The number of quilts these ladies made and provided last year is is the comfort they have provided to the recipients in a very stressful time. For more information on Victoria's Quilters, you can contact Mary.


  1. Ahh, what a great time to make a draw for a quilt. Lucky Lady.... Nice.

  2. Yeah Tantramar Branch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is my mother really going to be in the paper again??????!!!!!!!!!!????
    Julia in Montreal