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Saturday, 17 July 2010

A Visit to P.E.I.

We are back from a few enjoyable days on The Island. Imagine our surprise to see this sign shortly after we arrived! obviously wasn't for us, but it made us feel very welcome! We left the Trans Canada to reach Charlottetown, opting instead to drive along the shore. We didn't spot any beehives, but certainly this would be an idyllic location.
A bit of rain in Charlottetown didn't dampen our spirits one bit...

...nor lessen our appetite any at Fisherman's Wharf in North Rustico. (Ouch! That lobster pick looks like it hurts!)
Everywhere, we saw potatoes in bloom.
Field after field of potatoes... I wondered what the honey from potato blossoms would be like?
On our return, we stopped to take some photos of The Confederation Bridge.
These are taken from the New Brunswick side.
We even found a vantage point where we could walk underneath the bridge.
It is a massive structure, to say the least.

At the Wool Sweater Company in Rustico Bay, I discovered some Briggs and Little Durasport sock yarn in a new shade: Rosewood. I bought enough for two pairs of socks. This should pretty much do me for sock yarn for a bit. I am on the foot of the first in the carnation pair being knitted with On Your Toes.


  1. Great pictures! We drove to PEI a few years ago, and it truly is beautiful.

  2. When I retire (or if I win the lottery) I'm definitely planning a trip to the Maritimes. It looks so rural and peaceful up there.